We Are a TV Show

Extreme Doctors will be shown on the Lifetime TV Channel. This unscripted series follows Western Doctors and Nurses on humanitarian trips to Africa, each one putting the life they know aside for Extreme Doctors.

In season one our teams will converge on an underserved country in Central Africa that is known for its extreme contrasts from breath taking beauty to life threatening poverty. As soon as their boots hit the ground they assess needs and get to work. They only have 21 days to treat countless patients and try and make an impact. The long hours, frustrations, overwhelming need and third world conditions will test their skills and pull on their every emotion.

Each episode will explore the expectations of the team and dig deep to discover the motivations behind the calling. The story follows the cast from their plush lives in America, Canada and Europe to the most rural underserved parts of Africa. We will get to know all about our doctors and nurses and come to know more of the people and places they have decided to serve.

Extreme Doctors is brimming with bold actions and true life or death drama. This is the compelling story of the very human doctors attempting miracles, their failures and successes set against stunning scenery and the backdrop of a beautiful continent.

We Are Real People

The people behind the Extreme Doctors are a group of professionals dedicated to bringing a new type of television show to an interested and engaged global audience. We care about the status of healthcare in the world and thrive on creating quality entertainment.

Our team is comprised of both overseas volunteer veteran TV producers, physicians and nurses as well as those who have never set foot in an austere environment.

Extreme Doctors is a one of a kind hybrid format that combines the seriousness of a well-researched and executed documentary along with the insight and watchability of a personality-driven reality show.

Follow the Journey

This show follows doctors and other medical professionals as they leave their beautiful homes, their lives and families to serve in rural and remote areas. We compare and contrast the “real” lives they live each day with the life they have chosen to live for 21 days.