Casting Video Instructions

Here are some tips on how to make casting video:

  • The video cannot be more than 3 minutes or we will not review it
  • Be yourself
  • Tell us what you would like to tell us when we evaluate you as a possible cast member; some ideas include at least:
    • What you are like as a person
    • How you interact with others
    • What life experiences may be useful for this mission (note, we do not expect that you have been overseas before)
    • Any interesting hobbies, jobs, adventures
    • What your strengths and weaknesses are
    • Are you ready to take care of patients with limited resources
    • Who is your hero
    • This is serious reality show, but also have fun with this – show us or tell us “your world”
  • Make sure your face is well lit if shooting indoors
  • When shooting outdoors, avoid sunlight directly behind you
  • Speak clearly and avoid background noises
  • Shoot landscape (horizontal) not like a portrait (vertical)